Digital menu, Contactless menu with QR codes and NFC tags

Digital menu for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels.

We create unique Digital Menus expanding your brand identity to the screen. Update your products, listen to your guests, boost your sales.


Digital MENU - advantages

mintQR is an innovative tool for all businesses in catering section gaining with the 1st award in Idea Platform 2020 of CapsuleT.

  • Profit by the full benefits of a digital menu.
  • Protect your guests, reduce contact.
  • Reduce paper consumption and protect the environment

Update your products fast and easy through the admin page. Try new products without printing a new menu.

Reduce Cost of any printed material in your business.

Listen to your guests while they are still in your venue. Send your questions and receive feedback in real time.

Boost your sales with our dynamic marketing tools. (Happy hour, special menu)

Easy administration Update your products, guest feedback, marketing tools, e-ordering all in one admin page.

One Device With Cloud services you can have access to the admin page from any device, mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Multilingual Display your menu in multiple languages.

Statistics Get access to statistics and use the data to update your services.

digital menus sample

Digital menu in 3 simple steps

An innovative tool for all FNB businesses. Digital menu with your brand identity. Update your products, listen to your guests. Contactless access with QR codes or NFC tags.

Send us your menu

Send us the content of your menu and we will transform it to digital

Adding your Brand Identity

In contact with you we design your unique digital menu customised to brand identity


Offer contactless access with QR codes or NFC tags

Digital Menus - Demos

We are focused in the personality of each business and together with you we expand your brand identity to the screen.

Why mintQR

Why Us

mintQR in an innovative tool designed from a team of professionals specializing in catering, tourism, developing, graphic design and more.

We are focused in creating unique digital menus for each business expanding their brand identity to the screen.

With mintQR cloud services we can guarantee the constant function of all our services without the risk of any extra charge.

The is no need to download any app or pdf to access the menu.

mintQR is not using sources of your Wifi.


Non-competitive prices.

Our mentality is to expand our network through creating and providing long lasting tools for each business and not to take advantage of the new after covid era in short terms..

See our prices


mintQR is a tool suitable for all businesses involved in the catering section. We listen to our clients and we adjust to their needs. Our relationship is dynamic and new features are added constantly.

Update products

Daily Offers

Real Time Offers

Product Rating

Inform Guests

Guests Feeback

Order Status

Call Waiter

Request Bill

Accept Order


Accept Payments

coming soon


Start with the Basic Package and upgrade it when you really need to.

Display your QR code in a creative way and profit by the full benefits of a digital menu.

Display Samples

mintQR 3d display samples

2,20 / piece

Cube 6cm x 6cm x 6cm
Pyramid Base 10cm x 10cm, Height 9cm

  • Laminated print
  • Durable for outdoor spaces
  • Customized to include paperweights
  • NFC function
    Contactless access +1,10€
  • For more than 100 pieces please ask for our offer

QR cards

Cube QR sample

from 1,00 / piece

  • Two-sided printing with lamination
  • Dimensions 6 cm x 6 cm
  • For more than 100 pieces please ask for our offer


What is mintQR?

mintQR is an innovative tool, Our goal is to take the FNB to the next level. Let us create your digital menu adjusted to your identity. Update your products, accept orders and many more features in only one admin page.

How it Works?

We re-design and create your unique digital menu. Offer contactless access to your guests with QR codes or NFC tags. Start with the Basic package and upgrade with other features when you really need them.

Target Audience?

mintQR is a useful tool for every FNB business willing to take the next step. Cafés, bars, restaurants, beach bars, hotels. Let us create your digital menu and upgrade your services with mintQR.

How many products can I add?

There is no limit in the number of the products. You have full access to your menu, and you can change, add or remove any product at any time.



Let us create your menu with your unique brand identity. Offer contactless access to your guests and take full advantage of the phrase "Scan for the menu" using our innovative tools.

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First award in Idea Platform 2020 of CapsuleT

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